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Three Leaves




I was first introduced to Three Leaves by Brad Bennett on Well Spent, and then proceeded to illustrate one of the shop’s incredibly cozy looking sweaters for our monthly illustration series. Founder Adam Batnik reached out to me to offer more about the brand and his mission of offering eco friendly, ethical, and organic menswear. And I was hooked. I very much appreciate a brand whose goal is to not only offer handsome wardrobe options, but to be respectful and responsible about it. Founded in Brooklyn in 2012, that’s exactly what Adam set out to do with Three Leaves, by providing cruelty-free, socially responsible, eco friendly clothing and vegan boots, shoes, and sneakers (read more on how they are doing this here). Although a common misconception is that responsible clothing leans towards the overtly crunchy, Three Leaves is anything but. The gear is for the modern man who takes inspiration from generations past but dresses for his contemporary ethical lifestyle. Head over to their shop now to take advantage of an extra 25% off through December 22nd (use code HOLIDAYSALE).

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NorthernGRADE Chicago

Today is the day of NorthernGRADE Chicago! If you’re in that area of the world, I highly suggest making it over. Hosted by the team of NorthernGRADE and Well Spent, this event includes quite the roster of quality brands. Click here to see the full lineup.

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N’East Illustrated for Well Spent

I’m so excited to announce a new series, N’East Illustrated for Well Spent! My good friend Brad Bennet asked me to contribute some of my sketches to his amazing site for a monthly feature. The series will be posted the last Friday of every month on Well Spent. Each post will contain 5 sketches, a few of my favorite things that were posted on Well Spent that month along with some menswear related images that caught my eye. So head on over to WS to see the rest of Vol. 1!

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With my hectic schedule, I have a running, never-ending list of brands that I hear in passing or read up on quickly while cruising my go-to blogs and sites that I mean to go back to. Sometimes I get a chance to check them out the day off, sometimes not for months. Unfortunately, Outlier was one of the latter. Thanks to Sean Hotchkiss’ informative write-up on the GQEye yesterday I was reminded about the Brooklyn-based brand I had originally heard about through Brad Bennett’s site Well Spent in September. Outlier’s philosophy of tailored performance clothing is right up my alley. Entirely made in the USA of the highest quality performance fabrics, they concentrate on making clothing for individuals who need their clothing to keep up with them. Outlier’s first piece was the OG pant, made of high tech material meant to take you from your bike commute (in rain, sun, or snow), through the workday, and onto your play time in the evening. Since then they have expanded to down vests, jackets, parkas and more all featuring the same high performance, tailored form, and comfort. Personally I have my heart set on the women’s Daily Riding Pants. I’ve been on the hunt for functional pants that manage to not look like activewear for years. Featuring a sleek cut, 4Season fabric, doubleweave twill, and four-way stretch, these are the holy grail for New England women who want to be comfortable and stylish throughout their active lifestyles.


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