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Date Night with Alex Grant: Mr. and Mrs. Smith

This week we have the ultimate bad-ass date night, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Which has actually got me thinking of all the other great movies with kicking-butt power couples: Bonnie and Clyde, Indian Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Italian Job . . . the list goes on. So maybe we need to create a series within our Date Night series concentrated on the tough and the rough dames and gents. Please email me at neaststyle@gmail.com if you have any recommendations!

I’ve got Friday’s post this week with Angelina’s memorable look from the film. I honestly can’t say I know a man who would turn down a lady wearing only his dress shirt. Add some nice lingerie and red Wellies and your gold. But please, don’t pull a ‘young Hollywood’ and wear this in public without your pants.

Check back in tomorrow for Skip’s take on Brad’s look.

Ralph Lauren Fine Classic-Fit Poplin Regent, Hunter Wellington Boots, Rolex Yacht-Master II, Elle McPherson Dentelle Contour Bra, Elle McPherson Dentelle Culotte Brief


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Date Night with Alex Grant: The Great Gatsby

I don’t think I’ve made it a secret that I’m not much of a girly dresser. I’ll pick a blue blazer over a frilly top any day. So instead of recreating the diaphanous pink layers and lace hats from Farrow’s wardrobe, I thought it would be fun to create a look that she would have worn if she had raided Redford’s closet. The result is a contemporary take on the classic film’s wardrobes and completely wearable.

And don’t forget to download the exclusive soundtrack to this week’s Date Night, thanks to Gabe Alonso!

J.Crew Silk Cardigan, Rugby Ralph Lauren Embroidered Cotton Voile Dress, Ralph Lauren Paper Straw Fedora, BDG Laceless Oxford, Juliet and Company Baby Pearl Tassel Necklace


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Date Night with Alex Grant: The Great Gatsby

We have two special guests in this week’s Date Night: The Great Gatsby. First, Mr. Eli Getson from The Selvedge Yard gave us the brilliant recommendation of this classic film to include in our series. You can’t get much better than the dashing Robert Redford and stunning Mia Farrow. Especially when Redford and the rest of the male cast is outfitted in Ralph Lauren, which is possibly the best cinematic pairing of all time.

Second, we are happy to announce our first collaboration with Mr. Gabe Alonso. This talented young man is a deep mine of music knowledge and has created the perfect soundtrack for this week’s Date Night. So if you need tunes while you shop for some of the looks Skip and I put together, or something to play in the background while you sweep your partner off their feet, hop over to Gabe’s blog for the limited edition soundtrack!

Orvis Cable Knit Sweater, J.Crew Dress ShirtJ.Crew Knit Tie, J.Crew Bowery Pants, Cole Haan Belt, Monogrammed Belt Buckle


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Vintage Ralph Lauren

Being in a “vintage” mood after attending the Top Shelf Flea Market yesterday in Davis Square, I wanted to do a post on one of my all time favorite flea market finds: red leather Ralph Lauren loafers. I found them for $1 at a market at home in Manchester, VT.  I find the best stuff when I go to our local thrift shop there: Brooks Brothers blazers, DVF wrap dress from the ’70s, Oscar de la Renta silk top. Plus, shopping vintage is one of the most eco friendly things you can do for your wardrobe. So put some cash in your pocket and head to your local thrift shop!


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RL gives to your wardrobe and to the world

If there was ever a time to indulge your deep love for Ralph Lauren, this is the time to do it . . . April 6th to April 12th to be exact. Not only is this classic American brand offering 25% off all orders at their RL and Rugby stores and online, they will donate 10% of the total order value to the United Way Worldwide Disaster Fund. So empty your pockets and buy yourself something special for your Spring/Summer wardrobe like the great Rugby items above and 10% of that will support recovery efforts in Haiti and Chili.


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