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American Heritage at Stel’s

Amazing American Heritage event tonight at Stel’s shop on Newbury. With representatives from Hickorees, Randolph Engineering, The Hill-Side, Billykirk, Quoddy, and Gitman Brothers in attendance, it was certainly one for the books. Not that anyone needs further incentive to purchase goods from these incredible brands, but a portion of all proceeds went towards the Cam Neely Foundation, which I’m sure inspired some generosity and enriched some closets in the process. An IPA from Blue Hills Brewery in hand and great people like Andy, Jon, and Pete to chat with while supporting a great cause, well, it doesn’t get much better than that!

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Arrow Moccasin Company

I was shifting through some old editorials on Selectism and found a post on the Arrow Moccasin Company. Having always been a fan of the Quoddy’s Ring Boots, I’m now an even bigger fan of Arrow’s less hefty price tag. A true New England company, Arrow’s headquarters have been stationed in Hudson, MA for over 45 years and is still run by the original family. To see some great photos of the inside of their headquarters and of the materials used to make the moccasins, head over to An Affordable Wardrobe.

-guest post by EAJ

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Date Night with Alex Grant: Sixteen Candles

Welcome to N’East Style’s second “Date Night with Alex Grant“. James at Secret Forts requested that we do Sixteen Candles and of course both Skip and I jumped on the opportunity to recreate Jake Ryan’s and Samantha Baker’s wardrobes. I think we can all agree that it’s one of the best films of all time . . . and Mad Max of course (more on Max later). Skip has put together a great look that perfectly emulates Jake Ryan’s modest charm with classic madras, khakis and boat shoes. I have always loved Jake’s look.  Both confident and humble. Nothing too flashy. Works every time. The guy really knew how to dress to make the girls swoon.

ACL Gant Shirt, J.Crew Chino, L.L. Bean Belt, Quoddy Trail Boat Shoes, Timex Camper

Check back in tomorrow for Samantha Baker’s look.


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Made in Maine

It is interesting to see how New England apparel that may be a staple in their natural territory can be subject to phases of recognition by the rest of the world. Quoddy seems to be one of those. These amazingly crafted shoes can now be spotted in Urban Outfitters, the J. Crew catalog and on Gisele’s feet in Vogue. At first it irked me to think that the moccasins I stomped around Maine in as a child were now becoming a trend. But I’ve come to realize that the more credit that can be given to this genuine product of Maine, the better. Check out their website to learn more about how these hand sewn moccasins and boots aren’t just a brand, they are a reflection of the spirit and culture of Down East Maine.

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