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L.L. Bean 100th Anniversary Maine Hunting Shoe

Since the Penfield F/W 2011 lookbook went live I have received countless emails inquiring about the vintage Bean Boots I styled our lovely female model in for the shoot. I inherited the pair from my incredibly generous mother who had owned them since the 80’s. Up to now my best advice had been to score ebay for a similar pair. But thanks to my good friend James of 10engines who alerted me of this pair that L.L. Bean just announced, the 100th Anniversary Maine Hunting Shoe. It’s a part of a whole slew of good things coming from Bean for their 100th anniversary so stay tuned for more good stuff in the coming months. This style is very similar to the pair I have, so I highly recommend snagging these if you have been searching for your own unicorn pair of Bean boots. And don’t ever toss them! Hold on to them because trust me, your daughters and their daughters will be grateful to inherit them down the road. (Below is a picture of my pair in the snow).


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L.L. Bean Signature S/S 2011

The folks of L.L. Bean Signature have done it again with their Spring/Summer 2011 collection. They continue to offer quality, versatile pieces that suit at an affordable price point. To top it off, L.L. Bean now offers free shipping on all orders – as if you needed that additional peer pressure. Above are some of my personal favorites from the men’s and women’s collections. I have half a mind to purchase the men’s linen short sleeve button front with the nautical tie print in a small for myself!


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Suited for Snow

I knew we’d be getting another decent snow fall in Boston some time soon. And here it is. Of course it will likely be washed away by the rain that’s predicted for the rest of this week so I recommend taking advantage of it. Suit up and play in the snow! Here’s a look for the ladies of New England who want to go sledding, snowboarding, snowmobiling, or make snow angels all day. If you’re a guy, be sure to check out James Fox’s site 10 engines. He puts together some great outerwear kits, like this one for a blacked-out snowboarding look.

Carhartt Kids’ Overalls, Sessions Siryn 4 in 1 Jacket, L.L. Bean Shearling Lined 10″ Boots, Ramblers Way Henley and Long Johns, Ibex NZM Mittens,

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Gloves and Mitts

Carhartt Women’s Insulated Leather Driver Gloves


Orvis Deerskin Leather Gloves



L.L. Bean Buckskin Chopper Mitts


Steven Alan Fall Roping Gloves


Hawthorn Shooting Gloves


It was freezing this past weekend in New England with -20 temperatures. Even while wearing my knit mittens, my fingers felt like they had frost bite. My fingers barely functioned after being outside for a mere 30 minutes. So while desperately fiddling with my keys, trying to get my apartment lock open with frozen stiff fingers I realized I needed some new gloves.  At the moment my options are just a colorful pair of knit mittens or my hardcore snowboarding mitts (which are a pain off the mountain and only allow me to paw at things rather violently). In my mind, the perfect finger savior would be a pair of tan leather gloves with cozy shearling lining. A pair like the ones your dad wears when he shovels the snow or racks the leaves.  I’ve found several good glove/mitt options above but if you know of a pair that has saved you and your hands many a winter, please let me know!


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Winter in Boston

We had a pretty heavy snow fall today in Boston. I almost blew away in a snow drift this morning while walking across the bridge to work in Fort Point Channel. But this afternoon I came home early and the snow had settled on the tree lined streets of our neighborhood in the South End. My boyfriend and I decided to go for a walk to our favorite garden. Bundled and booted, we headed out into the snowy streets. Everyone’s got their winter kit that gets them through the worst. Hand knit mittens, mad bomber hat, long puffy coat. Mine includes my mum’s Bean boots from the 80’s. They are perfectly worn in and cozy. I hope to someday pass them on to my daughter. As we all know, Beans don’t fail so this pair will certainly still be in top shape for all her winter adventures.

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