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Bowline Bangle


I’m in love with my dear friend Kate Jones’ new bracelet from her jewelry collection, Ursa Major. Each Bowline Bangle is hand-tied in wax before casting so no two are the same. It reminds me of summer on the coast in Maine – in an entirely non-kitsch and authentic way.


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Taylor Stitch Women’s Collection



So excited that Taylor Stitch’s highly anticipated women’s collection has launched! My dear friend Kate Jones is one of the designers and I’ve been really looking forward to see the pieces. I knew it would be nothing short of perfection. The collection consists of versatile indigo basics for all days, and all seasons. Modeled by the enviably cute Bekah of A Well Traveled Woman. It will take significant self control to not pick up one of each for myself.

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Chance for Summer

Chance is a gold mine for summer essentials – striped tops, espadrilles, beach blankets, totes. Everything you need to enjoy your days on the lake, by the beach, or in the hills and valleys. Their Summer 2012 collection boast a couple stand-out collaborations. Artist Elliott Puckette hand-drew stripes on a long sleeve tee. The placement of the lines makes each tee a one-of-a-kind. Also notable, is friend and designer Kate Jones’ second collaboration with Chance titled Cali. The collection consists of five pieces that embody the state of California’s desert, sky, and sea. Swing over to the Chance online shop to get your essentials for summer – whether you’ll be comfortable at home or on your way to new adventures and places.

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Ursa Major Omega Cuff for Of a Kind

I’m so excited to see a piece from friend and jeweler Kate Jones up on Of a Kind today. Every collection from her brand Ursa Major is absolutely exquisite and I’ve been slowly but surely collecting pieces over the years. I really love the simplicity of the Omega Cuff she designed for Of a Kind. Made of recycled brass with silver plated tips in the shape of the Greek letter, it’s understated yet elegant. Be sure to also check out a few bonus features up on Of a Kind about Kate’s first journey into jewelry design, the evolution of her aesthetics, and the sailing trips of her youth.

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The Shiny Squirrel Pop-Up: Ursa Major

For our fifth feature in the series I got to spend time with my good friend Kate Jones of Ursa Major in her studio in TriBeCa this past weekend. Her mum, who is also an amazing jewelry designer, was in town for Kate’s birthday so we spent the afternoon chatting and geeking out about jewelry. I took the opportunity to take some shots of Kate working on the necklace my boyfriend got for me for Christmas and chatted with her about what she’s been up to and what she has planned for Ursa Major this coming year. Also click here if you want to read my Q&A with Kate from earlier this year!

Q. This fall you’ve started creating pieces for men. Are there different challenges that you face making men’s jewelry compared to women’s?

A. The cufflinks are pretty straight forward- but there is a real issue of functionality. I love the look of cufflinks that use chain in between, but all men tell me they’re impossible to use. I don’t like the look of hinged backs- so it was about finding a balance of aesthetics and function, which I love. Rings are a different thing- the scale is completely different to the women’s I’m used to. Sounds obvious, but it’s harder to be as minimal as I like and still make sure it’s gonna work for a guy- are the walls too heavy? Too thin? Too dainty? I’m always open to feedback. Fortunately I’ve got a lot of design opinionated guy friends ;) As for the rest, it’s really just a challenge to make pieces that men want to live in, but one I’m happy to take on.

Q. Do you find that more men are comfortable wearing jewelry these days? Is there a piece that is commonly commissioned from you?

A. It seems that way. Men seem to be paying more attention to accessories and details. I think they realize it’s a way to make an otherwise very simple daily “uniform” personal. And most guys come to me after a piece which is ultimately very simple yet unique, and something they can live in. I do a lot of wedding rings.

Q. You’re cuff links look amazing and I’m sure will be a huge hit. Can you elaborate on the process of making them? Including your inspiration behind the patterns they feature

A. Well I was hanging around Scott Schuman and we were talking about how few good, simple cufflinks are out there that aren’t novelty. Vintage ones were the closest we could find and both agreed it was time for an update. Plus Freeman’s had been asking me to make some. Some of the patterns come from etched plates I made, others from existing patterned metal, and one, the Squash Blossom, is  a design I came up with and had engraved- an amalgamation of the iconic American Indian motif and old coins (like the buffalo nickel, commonly turned into jewelry).

Q. And finally, what we’ve been asking all our vendors involved in the Pop-Up shop, what do you see for yourself and Ursa Major in 2012?

A. Big things!  Finally the men’s line will come to fruition. I’ll begin selling Ursa overseas and the work’s been published in a couple of books coming out in the fall. Plus a new line I’ve created with a couple of great guys, Derek Brahney and Edge Trullinger, called Hyde.  It’ll focus on men’s accessories- namely belts, but some fun bits and pieces too- like the “Spin to Pay” bottle opener you guys have got at the pop-up and available online at Partners and Spade http://store.partnersandspade.com/2011/12/05/spin-to-see-who-pays-bottle-opener/

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