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Suited for a Snow Day

In honor of today’s snowy mess throughout Boston and most of New England, I’ve put together the ideal unisex get-up for a snow day spent indoors and cozied up by the fire.  Chunky cable sweater is a must to keep you warm and toasty along with Bro Bro’s PJs (top and bottom, or just top or just bottom). If you plan on entertaining yourself indoors, I suggest you watch a couple of my favorites,  Anne of Green Gables and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. And finally, the provisions. Most people make elaborate winter warmer meals on snow days but to be honest, I usually get my fix from some Harney & Sons tea and Wheatabix cereal sprinkled with a bit of sugar. It’s all about simplicity and taking the time to relax and not make any fuss. Enjoy your snow day!

Oliver Spencer Cardigan, Bean’s Wicked Good Slippers, Camping Mug, Brooks Brothers PJs, Barbour Scarf, Harney & Sons Tea,


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Barbour Storm Sweater

During our last trip to Hilton’s Tent City, not only did I make away with some goods and tons of photos for the blog, my boyfriend made like a bandit with this Barbour Storm Sweater. He’d been eyeing his dad’s for years, but had never allowed himself to put down the bones for it. I was going to get it for him for Christmas, but with the amazing October deal Tent City had going on, he snagged it up for himself.  If you can beat your sir to it, I recommend you get this for him for Christmas. I guarantee he’ll be thrilled.


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Date Night with Alex Grant: The Shining

I can tell Skip had fun with this one. Jack is such an insane and incredible character, it’s almost fun to watch him in this film. And his wardrobe is just as fun to observe with his tweed jackets, flannels, and his killer corduroy bomber. Skip switched it up a little and gave a nod to the Orvis Red Melton Jacket which made an appearance on N’East Style earlier this week. It really refreshes the look with a nice pop of vibrant color against the duller colors of the film’s wardrobe and the setting. Probably a good thing if you’re going on a date. Also, try and keep the axe in the truck.

Orvis Red Melton Jacket, Barbour Notting Quilted Jacket, Baldwin Denim 77, J.Crew Redwings, Best Made & Co Axe, Jack Toy

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Barbour for Spring/Mud Season

April showers are here and it’s time to crave after another rain coat. Currently leaning towards the Barbour yellow Carbon Durham Kagoule jacket that offers mud season protection but remains lightweight and easy.

-guest post by EAJ

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