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Stripes for Men

I’m one of those people who is crazy about stripes. I see a stripe, and I am immediately drawn to it. There is something so simplistically appealing about the pattern, especially on a perfect cotton T. Whether they are mini stripes, multi stripes, thick stripes or blue and white, red and navy, grey and white, etc. Some people stick to some archaic rules about striped shirts. Horizontal stripes make  you look bigger. Or a striped T on a man makes him look like a boy. That’s all just silly nonsense to me. And I can’t resist a man in a great fitting, soft, striped T. Above are some great choices for the gentlemen out there looking to add some stripes to their your wardrobe (click on the image to be led to the product page). You can go the classic St. James boatneck route or mix it up with a henley. Either way, you’ll look great in my book. And be sure to keep an eye on Chance Co. Known for their expertise in producing the perfect striped apparel, they’ll be launching a men’s collection soon!

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Date Night with Alex Grant: Groundhog Day

Skip wasn’t able to join us this week for Date Night (he’s busy kicking butt in the legal world!) but he agreed that our beloved series couldn’t miss out on doing Groundhog Day this week. Who doesn’t watch this cult classic five times back to back every February 2nd? I’ve put together pieces for both Ned and Phil because I honestly couldn’t pass up on this screen shot of the two of them. Check back in a little later for Rita’s getup.

Ned: Beaver Collar Coat, Orvis Felt Fedora, Apolis Activism Chambray Tie, Bonobos Tailored Fit Shirt, Steven Alan Fall Roping Gloves, Ray Ban Glasses

Phil: The Hill-Side Scarf, J.Crew Mayfair Coat, Gitman Vintage Oxford Shirt

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Hats and Caps

Orvis Rabbit Fur Trimmed Aviator Hat


Apolis Activism Nepal Cashmere Watch Cap

Orvis Wool Bavarian Tyrol Hat


Need Supply Wool Felt Hat



Everest Designs Pocket Earflap Hat



Jack Spade Andes Hat


Filson Double Mackinaw Hat



Turtle Fur Roxanna Beanie


A much appreciated reader of N’East Style suggested I do a round-up of suitable winter hats, similar to my post on gloves and mittens. Obviously I instantly jumped into an intense hat mission searching for the perfect variety of options. I now give you my selection of knit, fur, leather, and felt hats that I believe will take the men and women of New England through the snow storms predicted for this week and beyond!



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Apolis Activism + Field Tote

Apolis Activism builds on their existing philanthropic luggage collection with this appropriately sized tote bag. Made from 100% Ugandan cotton canvas, this durable bag is perfect for carrying you from a day at the beach to dinner with friends and maybe even a late night scooter ride.

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Apolis Activism Market Bag, Bangladesh Project

You can never have too many eco-friendly re-usable tote bags for your grocery shopping. Whether you do it at Shaws or at your local farmers stand (I hope it is more frequently the latter), the Apolis Activism Market Bag should fit the bill with its ample size and substantial material. The product of yet another influential Apolis Activism partnership, these bags are made by artisan women employed by the non-profit Saidpur Enterprises in Bangladesh. Head over to Apolis Activism’s website to read more about this beneficial project designed to help rebuild the local economy.

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