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Patagonia + Tenkara


My husband is an avid fly fisherman and this time of year he talk of little else than fishing. I’ve been meaning to pick up the sport so I can join him on his fishing trips, especially when we visit my family near the Battenkill and Mettawee rivers in Vermont. As if on cue, Patagonia sent me their new Tenkara rod along with flies, line, and Yvon Chouinard’s new book Simple Fly Fishing: Techniques for Tenkara and Rode & Reel.  Tenkara is a traditional fishing method first practiced in Japan about 200 years ago. It’s primarily used for mountain stream trout fishing. The tenkara rod is perfectly suited for beginning anglers, or advanced fisherman who want to renew their deep connection with the fly fishing experience. Due to its simple design, the tenkara method directs the fisherman’s attention to the movements of fishing vs. wrangling with equipment.  The accompanying book, Simple Fly Fishing, makes picking up the tenkara technique a breeze with comprehensive tips on wet fly, nymph, and dry fly fishing. I’m almost done reading the book and ready to take my road on the road. We plan on packing up our new (to us) XC70 most weekends this spring and summer, and I have a feeling many of those will be spent fishing with my new tenkara rod. I’ll be sure to post photos of the experience.

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Tradlands Spring 2014






Loving Tradland’s new shirts for the Spring. Their shirting is seriously one of the best I’ve found for women. These images from the lookbook are fresh, approachable, and leaves you longing for summer days in Maine.

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Women of Northern Grade: Leslie Yeung


You probably recognize the lovely Leslie Yeung from her Parisian elopement video that went viral a couple years ago (and is still making the rounds – yes, it’s that good). And if you’re a fan of American-made quality apparel, you’ll recognize her from Rogue Territory, the denim brand she and her husband Karl Thoennessen operate in Los Angeles. Although Karl founded the RT in 2008, this past year marked the first they were both full time with the brand. It’s continual success and growth is proof that with every great man, there is a great woman. And vice versa. Unfortunately Leslie will not be attending Northern Grade this weekend in Brooklyn, but be sure to say hello to Karl!

Q. Your husband Karl founded Rogue Territory in 2008. Obviously you’ve been a huge part of it, but you recently became a full time partner. How has it been growing the business together?
A. I left my corporate job in Feb of 2013, and the past year has been quite an adventure! It has actually brought us much closer together and we surprising have less arguments about the business now than when I was working full-time. It’s funny, I think some friends and family were more concerned about us working together full-time than we were. 2013 was an amazing year for the brand, and we can both say it wouldn’t have been possible without the other person.

It’s extremely fulfilling to work toward a goal together, and ultimately more rewarding to experience success and failure together, than alone. Currently because it is still just the two of us, the biggest challenge is separating work from your life, which pretty much doesn’t happen. We are always working, because we honestly enjoy it, but I think it’s important for us to carve out time for just ourselves outside of the brand. So we are taking a much-needed vacation after Northerngrade. Afterall, what fun is it being your own boss if you don’t give yourself some time off now and then?!


Q. A big part of the Rogue Territory brand is connecting with fellow artisans and creative folk. How do you guys find the members of your supportive community and how does it benefit your respective brands/businesses?
A. Most of the collaborations that we’ve done have actually been with customers of ours. It’s important to us to be engaged with our customers, and Instagram is an amazing platform that really enables us to do that. We’ve built relationships with customers through IG and it allows us to get to know a little bit about their lives as their getting to know about ours. Many of our customers are very creative passionate makers themselves, and we find it very inspiring and only natural that we’d reach out to them to collaborate.

I think collaborations benefit our brand by keeping things interesting and allowing us to introduce new and different products in an authentic way, through the eyes of the individuals who live and breathe their trade everyday. We enjoy sharing their stories with our customers and supporting the creative community that we’re proud to be a part of. Every collaboration we have done to date has been a very organic process, not just a collaboration for collaboration sake. We’re about to release another Keep The Trade Alive project in the next few weeks that we’re really excited about, so stay tuned!


Q. How many Northern Grade pop-ups has Rogue Territory been a part of to date? How do you feel it benefits the brand?
A. Northerngrade NYC will be the third that we have participated in. Our first was Los Angeles and then San Francisco. We are especially excited about Northerngrade NYC because we’ve never done a consumer event like this on the East Coast, so it will be exciting for Karl to meet some of our East Coast customers in person for the first time!

Northerngrade events are great because they give us the opportunity to introduce our brand to consumers who have not heard of us, and it’s an opportunity to connect with our existing customers. It’s a very humbling experience to have people come out to meet you wearing your product, and to talk about how they feel about the brand. The growth of Rogue Territory has been very organic and it is absolutely because of the unwavering support we have from so many loyal customers. We have one of the most engaged customer bases and they seriously continue to blow our minds.


Q. As a woman, what’s it like running a brand focused on menswear? Does it inspire your own style?
A. It’s definitely interesting! I interact with a lot of our customers via social media and emails, so I have come to learn a lot about the psychology of the menswear shopper. It has made me appreciate the way guys shop, or at least the way our customer shops. They are super informed, very particular (mostly in a good way) and very attentive to small details. They are curious about the fabrics we use and why Karl incorporates certain details, and it’s nice to know they notice the functional details that go into our design. It has definitely inspired my own style…even though most days I feel like I just dress like a dude now. But I think solid basics and classic garments are and should be unisex. And working from home everyday has pretty much converted my style to “as comfortable as humanly possible”, which usually translates into oversized SKs or Safari Trousers that I wear boyfriend-fit and a t-shirt or chambray shirt.

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Women of Northern Grade on Pinterest


Check out the Pinterest board featuring and inspired by the Women of Northern Grade. Get inspired in time for the pop-up with GQ Magazine in Brooklyn this weekend!

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Women of Northern Grade: Laura Smith


When you think of great leather bags made in the USA, J.W. Hulme probably comes to mind. And for good reason. The company was founded in 1905 in St. Paul, Minnesota by John Willis Hulme and ever since then, the company has been a proud supporter of artisans and craftsmanship. Laura Smith started with the company in 2010 as their Director of Product Management and is now the Vice President. She and J.W. Hulme have been working closely with the McMillans since Northern Grade was founded and will be in attendance this weekend for their NYC pop-up.


Q. J.W. Hulme was founded in 1905, how do you continue to develop the brand that while staying true to its American heritage?
A. Carefully evaluating trends and applying them where/when appropriate, and consistently looking at ways to elevate and leverage the brand to reach a wider audience.

Q. The brand still employs skilled artisans and utilizes the best materials from small craft tanneries around the country. How do you hope to influence and act as a model for other businesses?
A. By continuing to hold ourselves to the highest level of quality, we lead by example.


Q. J.W. Hulme has a close relationship with the McMillans and Northern Grade, when did that relationship start?
A. Several years ago the idea came up to create a pop up for American made products…and here we are today!

Q. Why do you feel pop-ups like Northern Grade are important to promoting sustainable and American made businesses?
A. Pop-ups like Northern Grade bring American made products to the consumer in a unique way, letting the consumer discover and shop brands that they might not have been aware of before.

Q. As a women working regularly in the menswear industry, do you feel your personal style is influenced by it?
A. Absolutely, currently wearing a pair of Red Wings!


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