Do Sport And Fashion Work Together?

When we think of sportwear, fashionable is not the first word to spring to mind. The traditional gym get-up might consist of a baggy t-shirt and ancient shorts kept in an old gym bag at the back of your wardrobe – and nobody looks stylish in Lycra, right? But in recent years, sportwear has begun to infiltrate the fashion world and become a growing trend.
The Eighties enjoyed a brief trend for sportwear as fashion with films such as Fame and Flashdance bringing legwarmers and leotards to the forefront of fashion. Suddenly, slouchy jumpers and leggings were everywhere and the comfort combined with the sudden popularity of the style made it the look of the Eighties. However, as the decade became the buzzword for terrible fashion the trend died with it.
Reebok, Adidas and other big sports manufacturers have begun to catch onto the idea that sportswear can be stylish as well as practical in recent years. There is no longer a limited choice of colours or styles when it comes to getting fit – and even on a larger scale, things are changing in the sports clothing industry. Football teams such as Manchester United are showing an image-conscious side with their new ‘retro’ football kit and carefully designed strip.
As fitness and body image is at an all-time high in terms of media coverage, it makes sense that the clothing worn in getting fit would soon come under scrutiny and companies would start to make more fashionable fitness wear. Celebrities running with their personal trainer in a busy public park would want to maintain their image by looking good, as well as the obvious physical benefits of having specially designed clothing. But this applies to everyone whether they are at the gym or an aerobics class; look good, and you will also feel good.
Sports fashion has finally hit the mainstream and stepped out of the gym – sports luxe is a style that has quickly gained popularity in recent months, with hot designers such as Alexander Wang promoting the trend. Jersey track trousers with heels and bags shaped like American footballs have dominated the trend, with the emphasis on the luxe; fluid, comfortable lines that evoke sportswear with a glamorous twist.

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