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Seawall + Brook There


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On our way up to Ted’s home in Boothbay, Maine for Christmas we stopped by shops Seawall and Brook There  which are owned by friends and partners Daniel and Brook, respectively. It was our first time in the conjoined new space (after months of meaning to check it out) and Daniel was able to show us around the space. All the shirts for Seawall are cut and sewn right there in house. Button holes are made and stitched by the intense sewing machine pictured above and buttons sewn on by hand. All pieces from the Brook There collection are also designed, cut, and sewn in their shared studio space. Seawall also sells framed prints from photographer Mikael Kennedy, ceramics from potter Meghan Flynn, leather goods from Black Point Mercantile, and elixirs from Maine Medicinals. Portland is very lucky to have this new addition to the old port. I highly suggest popping in next time your in the area.

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Merry Christmas


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December 25, 2012 · 7:43 pm

New West Knife Works






It’s a well known fact with my family that I’m a bit of a klutz in the kitchen. As such, all of our knives are a bit dull because my fiancé fears that if I were to use a decent and sharp knife I would slice my finger right off in about 10 seconds. I am triumphantly proving him wrong with the New West Knife Works Petty Knife. This thing slices like a dream without the skips and jerks of slicing something like an apple with a crappy knife (the latter would actually more likely cause an accident). The folks at New West sent me the Petty a month back just in time for our Thanksgiving feast. It was utilized in preparing every single dish . . . and every single dish since then. A boutique knife company based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, New West prides themselves in the quality and durability of their high-end cutlery. Their products are 100% made in the USA, and their factory is run 100% on renewable energy from their own hydropower plant. How’s that for incentive to pick up a knife or two and support this brand? Even if you just need one great knife in your arsenal, I would highly recommend the Petty. I use it first thing in the morning to dice up an apple to slicing up vegetables for a roast, and everything in between. For a chance to win their Holiday Chef Knife Giveaway Sweepstakes, head over here. It’s open till December 24th so don’t miss it!

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Three Leaves




I was first introduced to Three Leaves by Brad Bennett on Well Spent, and then proceeded to illustrate one of the shop’s incredibly cozy looking sweaters for our monthly illustration series. Founder Adam Batnik reached out to me to offer more about the brand and his mission of offering eco friendly, ethical, and organic menswear. And I was hooked. I very much appreciate a brand whose goal is to not only offer handsome wardrobe options, but to be respectful and responsible about it. Founded in Brooklyn in 2012, that’s exactly what Adam set out to do with Three Leaves, by providing cruelty-free, socially responsible, eco friendly clothing and vegan boots, shoes, and sneakers (read more on how they are doing this here). Although a common misconception is that responsible clothing leans towards the overtly crunchy, Three Leaves is anything but. The gear is for the modern man who takes inspiration from generations past but dresses for his contemporary ethical lifestyle. Head over to their shop now to take advantage of an extra 25% off through December 22nd (use code HOLIDAYSALE).

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Liza Corsillo for Hickoree’s


Liza, sister of Hickoree’s boys Sandy and Emil Corsillo, is an incredible artist and illustrator. If you follow her work like I do, you’ll be thrilled to find that you can now purchase the cards she illustrated for her brothers’ shop. The card set includes an assortment of five cards, illustrated and hand-colored on Italian mouldmade paper.  Subjects of the cards are memorable wares from the store. At only $20 a set, it’s a no brainer gift for yourself or a deserving friend.

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