Common Ground Country Fair

Heading up to the boyfriend’s home in Boothbay for a weekend vacation and a trip to the Common Ground Country Fair in Unity. I can’t wait to buy some pumpkins, pet some piglets and sheep, eat some buy, peruse some crafts, and maybe even take a hay ride. We will definitely be picking up some vintage posters from the past years of the fair. Check out years 2000 – 2011 above and head over here to see back to 1977. Each one is illustrated beautifully. Perfect art for the kitchen or entryway walls in my opinion.

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5 responses to “Common Ground Country Fair

  1. lynne

    I am so jealous. I LOVE the the common ground fair!

  2. The one by Holly Meade is my favorite. She is one of my favorite Children;s book illustrators and I have a copy of one of her books that she autographed. I regret not picking that one up when I was at the fair. I may have to order it!

  3. This is my absolute favorite fair (I grew up in Boothbay, actually!) and every year that I can’t go to it because I live so far away, I get incredibly sad. There is no other fair like it. I hope you had a fantastic time!

    • Oh fun! Love Boothbay. You and my bf are very lucky to have grown up there. It was a fantastic fair this year. Too hot, but what can you do. ;)

      • We really are lucky to have grown up there. And chances are, your boyfriend and I have crossed paths. The town is so small! Glad the fair was fantastic this year! Is it ever not? ;-) Someday, I will get to go back!

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